3 Foods Every Elderly Person Should Eat and Why

Happy_old_manNo matter how old you are, eating right and having the proper nutrition is a huge part of your success. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to eat right throughout your life. However, elderly people have to be even more careful with what they eat and how they do so. If you are curious about how to get healthier as an elderly person, or if you have relatives you’d like to support, here are 3 different foods that you can eat and why.

  1. Fish – this is full of omega-3 fatty acids called DHA and EPA, which aren’t available from other foods. For whatever reason, the DHA / EPA is very rare and specific to fish, which makes it a really great tool for you if you are trying to enhance cognitive performance and make sure you have a great experience growing older. If you can’t get enough fish in your diet opt for krill oil, which is incredibly efficient.
  2. Eggs – even though it is vilified as having a lot of cholesterol, it is one of the more important foods that you can eat because it is full of choline and other minerals in the yolk. Making sure you have enough eggs is imperative and if you are feeling like you need more, opt for an alpha GPC or CDP choline supplement alternative.
  3. Red meat – while red meat should be consumed in moderation, it is a great way to get creatine and carnitine, which are both useful tools for preventing memory loss and decline. Creatine provides more ATP (energy) for the brain, which makes it much healthier. With time, you’ll see just how powerful it can be.