3 Healthy Supplements for Elderly

Elderly people have special needs compared to the rest of us because their body is aged and they are still trying to survive in a world that is quickly passing them by. If it sounds depressing that is because in many ways it is! However, it doesn’t have to be sad if the elderly decide to take their own health into their hands and supplement with some things that can help. Primarily, it is important for elderly individuals to focus on getting health supplements that are useful for their longevity and brain health.

Here are 3 different healthy supplements that they can use for the elderly, which will give them a lot of benefit:

  1. Fish oil – the human brain is made of omega-3 fatty acids and particularly DHA and EPA. These fatty acids are used to replace some of the lost brain matter and fish oil is the best way to do so. If you are trying to improve your health, fish oil can be the best way to go because it is such a potent omega-3 fatty acid product. Don’t make the mistake of using flax seed for omega-3 fatty acids!
  2. Creatine – did you think that creatine was only for bodybuilders? In actuality, it is useful for a lot of different health factors and the brain is key among them. Older people usually do not have enough creatine because they eat less food (And meat) and they need more creatine for their cellular function.
  3. Vitamin B12 – A lot of elderly people stop eating high quantities of red meat when they are older for whatever reason and that means they lose a lot of Vitamin B12. For vegans and vegetarians especially, it is important to get enough of this crucial vitamin.